Friday, April 5, 2013

New Flags for my Frenchies

I recently noticed that some of my excellent flags from GMB have started to fade.  I contacted GMB and sent some pictures. Grahame was so great about it.  He explained that he had shifted to a new printer due to this issue (so the newer flags do not have this issue), and offered to replace the dozen or so flags that were fading.

In the meantime I was in the process of spiffing up my Napoleonic French units with some cool basing material from Army Painter, so I thought I might as well try a few of the Victrix flag decals.

Six of my French Infantry units have flag bearers. Five of them are now Victrix, and one is GMB.
Here is the GMB Flag for comparison (though sadly, I didn't take a great picture of the flag):

This unit was painted by Artmaster Studio (Really beautiful work).  The other units were done by Fernando.  All figures above are Perry.

I really like the GMB Flags. Their colors are vibrant, and the selection of flags is incredible.
I also really like the Victrix Flags. By gluing the flag decal to a painted piece of aluminum foil, the flag can be shaped into some very realistic configurations that look exactly like a flag blowing in the wind.

Here are some other pics of my French Infantry just for fun.

Front Rank Gun and Crew


  1. Glenn lovely looking figures, the flags have turned really nicely