Sunday, August 26, 2012

Second Punic War Armies Complete!

11 months ago, Scott MacPhee embarked upon a mission to paint two huge Second Punic Wars armies for me. The work is finally complete and the armies are safely on my table and ready to play Command & Colors: Ancients.

I also plan to re-fight the entire Second Punic War. I will be using the 'Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage' board game for the strategic side of things, and C&C:A to fight the battles.

More on that to follow. Meanwhile here are pictures of the miniature armies (28mm figures from Aventine, Renegade, Relic, and a few A&A), the man who made them beautiful, and the guy who will be playing with them:

The artist: Scott MacPhee


All I can say is 'Wow' and 'Thank you' to Scott. These figures are certainly some of the most beautiful to ever fight on the tabletop.

Second Punic War - Republican Romans

Republican Romans: Velites (Light Skirmishers), Hastati (Medium Infantry), Principes (Heavy Infantry), Triarii (Heavy Infantry Reserve), and Medium Cavalry.

Second Punic War - Roman Allies

Roman Allies: Etruscans, Samnites, etc. that made up the wings (Alea) of the Roman armies of the Republican era. These are a mixture of Auxilia, Medium, and Heavy Infantry as well as Light and Medium Cavalry.

Scecond Punic Wars - Carthaginians

Libyan Spearmen Heavy and Medium Infantry and Heavy Cavalry

Second Punic War - Spanish

Here are the Spanish Light Infantry Auxillia (Caetrati), Medium Infantry (Scutarii), Baleric Slingers, and Medium Cavalry


Second Punic War - Numidians and Elephants

Here are the Numidians:
Light Cavalry and Skirmishers, as well as four fearsome War Elephants

Second Punic War Armies - Gauls

Here are the Gauls

Scott's brushwork on the plaids and shields makes this contingent the most colorful and truly a sight to see on the battlefield.