Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little Wars 2013

I attended Little Wars this year to run a Command & Colors: Ancients battle using slightly tweaked rules for the tabletop, and my new Second Punic Wars armies painted by the very talented Scott MacPhee.  I ran the Battle of Trebia on Friday at 5:00pm and again on Saturday at 2:00pm.
Here are some pictures of the game from Friday (I left my phone in the car on Saturday after taking some pictures of other peoples' games).

The Roman generals plan their next move.

The Carthaginian generals smile confidently.

I showed up on Friday at about 2:00pm and wandered around a bit before setting up; The vendor area had a nice selection, as usual, and the games that were being run looked great!
I ran my game at 5:00pm, and then went out to dinner with a friend. I stayed overnight at Pheasant Run even though I only live 25 miles south so that I could be up early and set up my flea market table.
I had decided to sell a few of my painted minis that I wasn't using, and some of my big box strategy games (Fortress America, Axis & Allies, Broadsides & Boarding Parties, Dogfight, and Battlecry).
Much to my surprise I had sold nearly everything on my table within 20 minutes.
Since I had a couple of hours before my game at 2:00pm, I shopped a bit and took some more pictures of the great tables. 

Here are a few pictures of the games that I saw on Friday and Saturday.

Very cool looking Waterloo game using classic 25mm figures.

Cowboys and Indians

Tiki Island of Death (Just my guess.)

Good to see all the Napoleonic games :)

Love the terrain on this table!

Panzers ahead!

Trireme bumping.

Big table - small minis...

All in all a very fun couple of days.  The show itself was very well run, and the guys and gals that were in charge were great. All of the attendees were very polite and good to be around. At the end of both games that I ran, the players congratulated each other and offered to help me put the game away.
I'm very proud of my hobby, and those who share it with me.

I'll attend Little Wars every year that I'm able.


  1. Nice report. I took a lot of pix of many of the same games, so quality catches a lot of eyeballs.

  2. A lot of beautiful pictures with fantastic looking minis...triremes are my favourites!