Sunday, March 17, 2013

Polish Voltigeurs Paint Tweak


Something about the pale yellow on their Czapskas just wasn't sitting right with me. I wasn't fond of the color to begin with and to have the top edging, the plume, the cords, and the cross on the top all in the same color didn't look right. So... I re-painted them.


I like this yellow for the top edge and plume much better.
The top cross in black looks more accurate and less busy.
The cords in green also keeps the whole composition from being too busy and let's the eye appreciate the contrasts better IMHO.
The yellow in the 'after' picture is actually a bit more deep in real life (almost like a school bus) than is shown in this picture.

Before, the cross on the top of the Czapska was canary yellow.  Just too busy.  I like the simpler look better.

Ready for combat!

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