Sunday, March 17, 2013

Napoleonic Allies Project

I am currently building out my Napoleonic armies to one day be able to fight the entire Napoleonic Wars using an updated version of my game Napoleon in Europe (let's call it '2') for the strategic side and my Napoleonic Command & Colors rules for the Tactical Battles.  In the shorter run, I want to be able to play the following campaigns: 1806, 1807, 1812, 1813.

To that end Scott MacPhee is painting up my Russian army, and I have contracted Artmaster Studio in the UK to paint up a selection of French Allies.  The first few units have arrived, and I based them up ready for gaming.

Two units of Bavarian Infantry (Front Rank).  A third is in the works.

A unit of Wurtemberg Infantry (Front Rank).  A second is in the works.

A unit of Wutemberg Chevau-Leger (Front Rank).  These were painted by Fernando Painting Service in Sri Lanka.

Two units of Westphalian Infantry (Elite Miniatures). I'm thinking about adding another couple of units, but using Paul Hicks' new Saxon scuplts. I know there are a few differences in uniform and kit, but I think the differences are minor, and the sculpts are really, really nice.

A unit of Italian Guards (Front Rank).

A unit of Italian Grenadier Infantry (Front Rank).

A unit of Fusilier Infantry from the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Paul Hicks sculpts painted by Roger Murrow).

A unit of Grenadier Infantry from the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Paul Hicks sculpts painted by Roger Murrow).

A unit of Voltigeur Infantry from the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (Paul Hicks sculpts painted by Roger Murrow).

A unit of Imperial Guard Lancers...just because (Perry Miniatures/ Artmaster Studios). I may use them for Polish Uhlans in a pinch.

I have the following uits still planned:

Polish (GDW):
1 Infantry
1 Hussar
1 Uhlan
1 Artillery

3 Infantry
1 Zastrow Cuirassier
1 Lieb Guard

2 Infantry
1 Queen's Dragoons
1 Artillery

1 Infantry
1 Chevau-Leger
1 Artillery

2 Infantry
1 Chevau-Leger

1 Infantry
1 Dragoon
1 Artillery

I'll use French Hussars and Dragoons as needed for allies as the differences are slight.

Can't wait to get Borodino, or Friedland, or Bautzen, or Lutzen, or Eylau on the table. 


  1. Very nice!

    Will you be sharing the updated Napoleon in Europe rules? I enjoyed the game very much, spent a summer playing it when it first came out.

  2. I could be persuaded... if you come out to Chicago for a weekend of playtesting so I get it right. ;-)

    Oh, and I'll need the Austrian army painted at some point as well, and I can't imagine having anyone but you do it! Perhaps next Summer or Fall after you've had a break? :)

  3. Excellent little selection of troops. It's just crazy on how many fabulous blogs are out there.

  4. Great looking troops.

    Although the small unit sizes doubtless help, this must be one expensive project with contracting it all out!

    (he observes, while noting that his own 25/28mm Napoleonic collection is closing in on 6,000 figures. Ahem)


  5. Peter-
    Wow! That's an awesome collection.
    I started mine only five years ago.
    Currently I have the British, Prussians, and French, with the Russians in the works with Scott MacPhee. I also have two complete Civil War armies and two Second Punic War armies that Scott painted for me.
    The tally right now is about 2,400 28mm professionally painted figures. When the Russians are done, it should be in the 2,800 I still have some way to go to get near the size of your collection. :-)
    Thanks for making me count them.

  6. Beautiful painting and figures

  7. great project - I'll keep following.

  8. Thanks!
    I just purchased 18mm AB Napoleonic figures to use on the Napoleon in Europe map as the strategic armies. Very excited about the quality of these figures. The map is going to look great.

    I've also been working on the new rules. Liking them so far.
    If I do a good job, they should allow for a balanced replay of the war between France and her allies, and an evolving coalition of the other major nations led by Britain.