Monday, February 20, 2012

Waterloo part 2

The movement of D'Erlon's Corps forced Paul to move more and more of his forces away from his right to support his left.  Therefore, I decided that I would leave D'Erlon's troops in position to strike and put some pressure on his weakened right.
 I moved 2 infantry and 3 cavalry units to my left and drove back the defenders that Paul/ Wellington brought forward to stop me.
Unfortunately, Paul rallied his troops and pushed me back in turn.

Meanwhile, off to my right, the Prussians started to arrive on the battlefield.  my careful maneuvering had consumed a bit too much time.

I knew that I needed to buy some time while I moved up reinforcements for a renewed effort on the left, so I organized a strong cavalry attack on the Prussian vanguard.  A vicious little cavalry fight developed. Charge and counter-charge occured, with both sides losing heavily.

With the Prussian advance halted, I ordered up the Imperial Guard.  The Middle Guard and the Chasseurs rolled forward along with a division of line infantry and the Grenadiers a' Cheval to strike to the right of Hougoumont while, simultaneously a re-organized force attacked from the left. Both converged on the British Infantry holding the ridge behind the chateau.

The combined attack was too much for the British Infantry, and two Guards units broke and fled to the rear.


  1. Sweet looking troops. I especially like the French Hussars in green.

  2. I like them as well.
    Some of the pictures (taken with my phone this time instead of my digital camera, for some crazy reason) turned out a little blury, but usually I'm drawn to the French lancers.