Monday, February 20, 2012

Battle of Waterloo

Today we used my House Rules version of Command & Colors: Napoleon to refight the Battle of Waterloo.

I was Napoleon, and my buddy Paul Niemeyer was Wellington.  The view above is from the French left (just in front of Hougoumont) looking toward the Grand Batttery.

 French Infantry of D'Erlon's Corps preparing to move through the Grand Battery. En Evant!
 French Cuirassier ready to support D'Erlon's assault on the British left.

 The British Line ready to receive the attack.
Skirmishers infest the Chateau, ready for the enemy advance.

The first few turns saw me moving D'Erlon's Infantry forward with cavalry support on both flanks, while the Grand Battery drove the Dutch/ Belgians and the British artillery off the ridge in front of them. 

The red markers show that I formed the infantry into square near the base of the ridge; a necessary precaution as Paul had moved several units of British cavalry up to support the infantry just on the other side.


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