Thursday, April 10, 2014

Keith Rocco Paintings

Keith Rocco, IMHO, is the preeminent Napoleonic artist working today.  I was lucky enough to work with Keith on my board game Napoleon in Europe back in 2001.  I licensed one of his paintings for the cover, and his sketches for the manual.

As e talked, we discovered that other than our love of history, we had a couple of things in common:
* We had both lived in the western suburbs of Chicago (Keith moved to Virginia many years ago, but still comes back here from time to time).
* We had a common friend: Paul Niemeyer. Paul did the map and card art for Napoleon in Europe, as well as most art for Eagle Games.

Over the years I've collected several of Keith's prints, three of which hang in my office. I have always wanted to own an original, and so almost a year ago I approached Keith about doing two small paintings of Napoleonic soldiers.

He finished my paintings today and sent me photographs.

Well, to say that I love them is an understatement!  They are perfect.

 French Dragoon

French Chasseur

I feel very lucky to have these in my collection and will enjoy them for many, many years.


  1. Fantastic! That is the very coolest thing...having such magnificent paintings up in your office. You are a lucky man indeed!

  2. If not lucky, then well connected! Both works are fabulous and would be a great addition to your office!

  3. Rocco is fabulously talented, my favorite military artist. You have great taste!

  4. Thanks Gentlemen. Feels great to share this with my fellow enthusiasts.

  5. Checked with Keith and the Light Infantryman is actually a Voltiguer...Voltigeur company in a light infantry battalion to be exact. A Chasseur would be a member of one of the line companies of the light infantry battalion.

  6. Great paintings; suitably envious! :-)