Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Commission

My main Austrian army is being worked on by Paxx88, and should be ready for combat early in the new year. Meanwhile I had a few units done by Artmaster Studios. They always do such fine work!

Here are the units that they finished:

2 Units of Austrian Chevaux-Leger produced by Perry Miniatures:

2 Units of Austrian Cuirassier by Perry Miniatures:

 2 units of Austrian Grenadiers by Perry Miniatures:

And lastly, just because I need a few more British Infantry units, 3 units of British infantry firing. These are from the great new line of Front Rank Reinforcement sets:

I should have them in the next week so I can base them and get them on the table.


  1. Lovely! I must acquire some of those Perry Cav in the new year!

  2. Great looking troops - specially like the flagpoles of the Austrians - I've never had the willpower to do the 4 color poles myself!

    Side note: You should consider adding a "Followers" widget to your blog, Glenn. You have a lot of great stuff here. I tried clicking on the "Subscribe to" link but just got a page of HTML.