Sunday, November 4, 2012

My 2012 BMW 550 i with X Drive - Now with vents

I LOVE my new 550 i with X Drive (with M Package). It's a beast when I want it to be, and it has all the amenities that I could ever need.

When it comes to body styling, I love the front end. It looks muscular in that special BMW way. However, the side view doesn't scream power, and while the lines are nice, it doesn't hint at what's under the hood.

Soon after taking delivery of my 2012 550, I started searching for a way to add a little spice. Years ago, I had a BMW Z3 M Roadster, and loved the look of the fender vents with the chrome streak through them. So, when I started thinking about what to add to my car to give it that something special, I went there for inspiration.

I took a plastic part that I bought off the internet and took it to a local shop (Midwest Hot Rods) here in Plainfield, IL. I asked them to manufacture a real part (not plastic), and install it. I also asked them to remove the reflector and X Drive badge as these would conflict with the vents.

Here's what they created:

I love the new, cleaner, sportier look.
The bonus is that it looks totally natural and integrated into the existing lines of the car.  It doesn't look out of place at all.
It also just feels right that the vent came from another BMW rather than some of the other chrome streak looks that I was considering from 50's sport cars.

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