Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Russians are here!

My new Russian Napoleonic Army is now complete.
Scott MacPhee did a masterful job painting them, as usual.
Their uniform color is spot-on, and every unit is unique.
The figures are mostly Perry and Foundry with a few Front Rank sprinkled in (Cossacks, Militia, and a couple of the Jaeger).

In the foreground are the Russian Jaeger, behind them is the artillery, behind them is the Grenadier infantry on the left and the Musketeers on the right, and behind them all is the Russian Guard.

The Russian Cuirassier.

And Dragoons

And Hussars

Russian Guard and General Kutusov and his staff.

The Opolchenie Milita troops.

And artillery.

Now that I have all of the units unboxed, and color coded for my Command and Colors: Napoleonic homebrew rules, I'm going to finish setting up the Battle of Borodino on my wargaming table.

Thanks Scott!  Love the figures.

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